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Client Consultation

Peak Veterinary Specialists is a referral hospital. We prefer that all patients be referred for consultation and procedures by a family veterinarian. Your pet will receive the most comprehensive care when open communication exists between you, your family veterinarian, and our specialists. This communication provides us with a complete picture of your pet's medical problems. This better enables us to efficiently and effectively diagnose and treat your pet, as well as ensure that your pet receives the best follow up care.

Please see the Appointment Information page for details on scheduling and preparing for a consultation.

From time to time we will see patients who do not have a referring veterinarian. We recommend establishing a trusting relationship with a local primary care veterinarian. This relationship is important for follow up care, routine examinations and preventative care, and immunizations. This relationship allows for the comprehensive care your pet deserves. Your family veterinarian keeps your pet's health records and provides a long-term perspective of your pet's overall health.

Consultations for Referring Veterinarians

Our specialists are available for phone consultations with referring veterinarians as time permits. Please have all pertinent information on hand when you call, including patient signalment, history, and diagnostic findings. For involved cases, it may be most efficient to fax pertinent records prior to the consultation call. There is no charge for phone consultations for referring veterinarians.